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Spring The Experts – second edition

Задоволство ни е да објавиме дека еден од легендите на MS SQL Server и автор на бестселерите посветени на MS SQL Server во делот T-SQL како и Database Engine-от, Itzik Ben-Gan, ќе одржи дводневен семинар во Скопје. Во периодот од 24-25.5.2010 во рамки на овогодинешниот Spring the Experts настан кој традиционално се организира секоја година од страна на Семос, IT експертите од Македонија и регионот ќе имаат единствена можност да се сретнат со Itzik Ben-Gan и да разменат искуства и знаење.

Темите се:

Ден 1: "Query and Index Tuning" - This seminar teaches you how to optimize problematic queries by tuning indexes and writing efficient code. The seminar covers in detail internal data structures and index access methods, which are the fundamental building blocks that you need to be familiar with in order to apply query tuning and optimization. After covering those fundamental building blocks, the seminar explains how to put your knowledge into action by benchmarking various indexing strategies, analyzing their performance, and choosing the most ideal design. The seminar also teaches you how to tune and optimize your solutions by applying query revisions that can yield improvements in orders of magnitude in some cases. The seminar also explains how to get rid of cursors when set-based solutions are most appropriate, and how to identify the uncommon cases where cursors are the last resort that will yield better performance than set-based solutions.

Ден 2: "Advanced T-SQL" - This seminar is packed with practical advice for T-SQL querying, programming and tuning in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008. The seminar covers practical problems T-SQL programmers face daily, providing different solutions for each problem, and explains in detail how to tune your code to produce robust and efficient solutions. Among the subjects that will be covered in this seminar: Window Calculations, Gaps and Islands problems, Custom Aggregations, Running Totals, Splitting Arrays, Dynamic Filtering, and more…

Подетални информации можете да добиете на mail: alex@semos.com.mk


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