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 Industrial salt sieve price
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Posted - 20/04/2021 :  10:17:37  Прикажи го профилот  Одговори со Цитат
Mega Young Screening Technology Co.,Ltd start the manufacturing and designing the screening equipment and conveying equipment from 2004, our screening equipment and conveying equipment has been used in mineral industry application, chemical industry application, agriculture industry application , food industry and medicine industry etc successfully after many years. Refer to customers#37413;?feedback and situation happened about our equipment at application site, we summarize and study the feedback information and research new solution continuously, then we get one professional technical team with plenty of experience about our screener and conveyor. We are willing to share our studying achievement and supply you more and more screening solution and conveying solution with proven technology.
Mega Young Screening Technology is specialized in designing, researching and developing gyratory sifter and other vibrating screening equipment . Along with the amount of gyratory sifter applied in our customers' industry increasing, and in order to service our customer better, we pay our most attention on the manufacturing and designing the gyratory sifter and similar sifting&separation equipment for our customer, our gyratory screener and other screening equipments has been used in mineral industry application, chemical industry application, agriculture industry application, food industry application, medicine industry and other industries successfully after many years, In recent years, we develop and produce one new model sifting equipment that we call it side doors access gyratory sifter equipment, this new model gyratory separation equipment solve the problem of traditional gyratory screening equipment which is not easy to change mesh and cleaning mesh during operation, the customer reduce the sifting equipment down time and take most use of their production line, so it will bring much more finished production to customer, we are not only professional on the material pricision screening and separation, we are also do some screening equipment for large bulk material screening , such as stone, coal, iron raw material, so we could supply the full sifting&separation equipment line solution for customer from primary sifter to final sifter equipment.
Our Certificate
Our Service
1.Material Testing Screening
Mega Young set up some sample screener only for material testing screening. In order to select one proper model screener, the engineer should know consider many factors such as feed rate, vibrating speed of the machine, screen mesh size, capacity, accuracy of separation, and the countless sizes and shapes of material.
The customer could post us some bulk material for testing screening if they do not know the material features. With sample screener testing screening, Mega Young could get some key data of the material for capacity calculation.
2.Designing Screener Base On Customer's Request
As we know, the customer have specific request on the screener equipment refer to many factors such as the upstream equipments, downstream equipments and the installation room etc. They need consider the shape, dimension, position of the inlet and out for connecting the upstream equipments, downstream equipments well, need consider the dimension (length, height, width) of the screener for making sure the screener could be set up into the installation room, they need consider the structure material, the color, the mesh material etc.
Do not worry, our engineer and designer could solve the problem, they could design the screener base on your specific request.
3.Installation Guide
Our installation Manual will be together with the equipment when delivery. The installation Manual include the Notice item, Installation Guide, major components drawing, etc, the customer could finish the installation base on the Manual. Our company also could offer paid service of installation guide at site if necessary.
4.Equipment Installation At Site
Mega Young could offer the paid service of equipment installation at site if necessary.
5.Surveying and drawing at site
Mega Young could sent designer to site for surveying and drawing the installation room and situation before designing the equipment.Industrial salt sieve price
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